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Password Reset/Recovery

How to Reset Your Password If You DO Know Your Current Password

  1. Go to the Utah ID homepage and log in to your account. Step 1
  2. Click on Change Password on the Utah ID Portal page. Step 2
  3. Type in your current password and click Next. Step 3
  4. Then type a new password and select Save. Step 3

How to Reset Your Password If You Do NOT Know Your Current Password

  1. Go to Utah ID homepage and click Forgot Password? Step 1
  2. Fill out the information requested.
    1. Enter your Utah ID username or email address.
    2. Enter your last name.
    Click Continue. Step 2
  3. Depending on what contact information you set up in your UtahID account, you may have different options regarding where/how you would like to receive a security code to proceed with resetting your password.
  4. When you select one of the contact methods, you’ll be directed to confirm the contact information. Confirm the contact information and click Continue. Step 4
  5. If you selected an email address, the security code will be sent to the email address; if you selected a phone number, the security code will be sent to the phone number via text.

    Retrieve your security code from the appropriate email or text message, and once you receive the security code, type it in and click Continue. This will take you to the password reset screen. Step 5
  6. Type in your new password and click Continue. Step 6
  7. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must include at least one character from at least three of the four following character sets:
    1. uppercase letters, 
    2. lowercase letters, 
    3. numbers, and 
    4. special characters.
  8. You have now completed resetting your password.