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Setting up an account to use Yubikey in UtahID

These are the steps to select the 2FA option for Yubikey

Prerequisite note: This process requires that you have a Yubikey 5 series or equivalent token before you begin this process.

  1. Login - ​Go to https://id.utah.gov​ and login to UtahID.
  1. Select the Security​ link on the left, ​scroll down​ to the Multi-Factor section and click ​Add new factor.
Yubikey 2FA screen 1
  1. Click Continue
Yubikey 2FA screen 2

You will be automatically signed out so the registration of a new factor can happen when you sign in again.

  1. Your session restarts and you are again prompted to ​login to UtahID​, enter your Username or Email and Password.
  1. Scroll down and select S​ecurity Key​ to register your token.
Yubikey 2FA screen 3
  1. Insert the token into you USB and activate by pressing the token.
Yubikey 2FA screen 4
Yubikey 2FA screen 5
  1. Select Yes​ to register the OPT function for your Yubikey.
Yubikey 2FA screen 6
  1. Touch the Yubikey to register your token for OTP (one time passcode) function. After you touch the Yubikey you will be redirected to Profile/Account Information.
Yubikey 2FA screen 7
  1. Click on Security and then Multi-factor. There will be ten OTP recovery codes automatically generated to be used as a one time use at a later time. Click WebAuthN Device​
Yubikey 2FA screen 8
  1. Click Rename the device
Yubikey 2FA screen 9
  1. In the New Name field type Yubikey then enter password and click Rename
Yubikey 2FA screen 10
  1. Click Back
Yubikey 2FA screen 11 Yubikey 2FA screen 12

Registration is now complete. You will be required to use the Yubikey token for all future logins.