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UtahID SMS / Email 2FA

Setting up an account to use SMS and Email for 2FA

  1. Login - ​Go to https://id.utah.gov​ and login to UtahID.
  1. Select the Security​ link on the left, ​scroll down​ to the Multi-Factor section.
SMS_Email 2FA screen 1
  1. Click Add new factor and then click Continue.

You will be automatically signed out so the registration of a new factor can happen when you sign in again.

SMS_Email 2FA screen 2
  1. Your session restarts and you are again prompted to ​login to UtahID​
  1. Select SMS/Email to register the MFA option.
SMS_Email 2FA screen 3
  1. You are prompted to answer enabling SMS/Email MFA.
SMS_Email 2FA screen 4
  1. Select a method to receive your security code.
SMS_Email 2FA screen 5
  1. Enter the complete phone/email where the code will be sent.
SMS_Email 2FA screen 6
  1. Enter the code you received.​
SMS_Email 2FA screen 7

Registration is now complete. You will be required to use SMS/Email security code for all future logins.