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UtahID Authenticator

Setting up an account to use UtahID Authenticator

Prerequisite note: The UtahID Authenticator App will need to be installed on your device. You can install the app now or instruction will be provided later.

  1. Login - ​Go to https://id.utah.gov​ and login to UtahID.
  1. Select the Security​ link on the left, ​scroll down​ to the Multi-Factor section​

Note: If you already have a factor added, go to step 5

Authenticator 2FA screen 1
  1. Click Add new factor

You will be automatically signed out so the registration of a new factor can happen when you sign in again.

Authenticator 2FA screen 2
  1. Click Continue
Authenticator 2FA screen 3
  1. Your session restarts and you are again prompted to ​login to UtahID​
  1. Select Push to register UtahID Authenticator MFA option.
Authenticator 2FA screen 4
  1. The UtahID Authenticator app must be installed on your device before you can continue to the MFA registration. If the app is installed, proceed to Step 7: if it is not installed, install the app now.

    App installation:

    Click appropriate link for instructions:
Authenticator 2FA screen 5

On your Mobile device open App Store (iPhone, iPad, etc) or Play Store (Android) and search: UtahID Authenticator application and install.

Answer allow notifications and allow access to camera

Authenticator 2FA screen 6a
Authenticator 2FA screen 6b
  1. Click Begin Registration
Authenticator 2FA screen 5
  1. Scan the QR code on your screen with your UtahID Mobile App that is on your device. Note: Apple users click the + in the upper lefthand corner of your mobile device
Authenticator 2FA screen 8a

Apple Example

Authenticator 2FA screen 8b

Android Example

Authenticator 2FA screen 8c

After you scan the QR code you will be redirected to Profile/Account Information.

Authenticator 2FA screen 8d
  1. Click on security and then multi factor There will be ten OTP recovery codes automatically generated to be used as a one time use at a later time.
Authenticator 2FA screen 8a
  1. Click on back and you will return to the user Profile/Account Information screen. The next time you log in you will get a push notification on your mobile device. Accept this notification and then you will be logged into self service.

Apple Example

Authenticator 2FA screen 10a

Android Example

Authenticator 2FA screen 10b

Registration is now complete. You will be required to use the UtahID Authenticator app for all future logins.